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Help your students get out of their own way and learn to write well as they imitate this series of stories, fables, myths, legends and tales. Students will read and familiarise themselves with a new story each week. After studying the story, memorizing the key facts, and learning the new vocabulary, students will re-write the same story using their own words. Students are not "hung up" trying to decide what story they are telling, but they only have to think about how to re-tell the story they already know. Boys and girls alike will enjoy this writing method. Removing the "difficult" part of writing -- figuring out what to say -- allows the student to focus on the part they really need to learn -- how to say it. When you are not fighting with your students to come up with a story, when you're not constantly asking them, "And then what happened?", you can focus on what really matters in elementary writing skills. You are freed up to think about punctuation, penmanship, grammar, vocabulary and other important factors.


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